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38 visited countries

20 countries

5 continents

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Personal productivity


Executive and systemic coaching

Leading change

Team performance

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More about me...

I’m a man of education, of practical action and of energy. I travel the world and through Romania and share with people everything I know about motivation, leadership, teams, personal productivity.
I coach teams and individuals.

I'm Master Trainer and Systemic Coach. I work internationally with The Ken Blanchard Companies and its Global Partners and in Romania with Human Invest as well as independently.

My style of training— a blend of making things simple and practical sharing individual experiences-creates an engaging and insightful experience. When I'm coaching people I use a systemic aproach and I offer my clients a space for reflection and analysis and to identify solutions and action planning.

Being involved in international projects helped me develop deep knowledge and extensive experience working with both Western and Eastern cultures, understanding the fine lines and different mindsets of many nationalities. This experience helps me better connect with people I work with and ”speak their language”.

I have been training and facilitating programs since 1996 and coaching since 2006. I am a manager since 2002 and since then – with two exceptions - I fulfilled this role concurently with the other two key roles: trainer and coach.

I have authored more than 15 artices on leadership and human motivation and wrote the foreword for Susan Fowler’s book "Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work ... And What Does”, de Susan Fowler.

I received the Trainer of the Year award in 2007 and was nominated for Trainer of the Year and Coach of the Year in 2008 and 2011, respectively.

When I’m not in workshop, coaching clients or researching, I’m spending my time with my family or practicing the sports that energize me, in Romania or around the globe.

My Mentors

From them I take my inspiration, being privileged enough to work with them and know them personally

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