Rolurile mele de team coach sistemic, trainer și manager m-au ajutat să dobândesc o înțelegere profundă a clienților mei – printre care cei mai mulți sunt companii multinaționale și antreprenori – și să găsesc cele mai bune soluții pentru nevoile lor.

I am a man of education, practicality and energy. For the past 27 years, I have helped some of the world's largest companies and more than 16,500 people in 33 countries and 5 continents achieve their goals through leadership, individual and team coaching programs.

I work with CEOs, VPs, executives or entrepreneurs or their teams and am a Systemic Team Coach (PCC ICF) and a Master Trainer with experience in leadership, team dynamics, motivation, personal productivity and performance. So far, I have worked with over 85 companies and public institutions in Romania and abroad in industries such as finance, telecommunications, oil, insurance, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, industry, services and IT.

În România lucrez ca team coach și trainer și colaborez cu o echipă de team coachi pe care îi îndrum și ne ajutăm clienții să își crească performanța și satisfacția. Sunt Mentor Coach ICF și parte din Metasysteme Coaching Network, predând coachingul sistemic în regiunea Orientului Mijlociu și Africii.

Internationally, I develop systemic coaching in the Middle East through Metasysteme Coaching Middle East, I am co-founder of Mojo Moments (USA) and I support its business development globally and collaborate in training and coaching projects with Blanchard Israel and The Ken Blanchard Companies (US).

In working with top management teams, I bring tools and ways of working that challenge thinking patterns and bring immediate change to people's behavior. I share observations directly, without veil, and help team members overcome their assumed constraints in relation with other people, business results or KPIs.

In coaching I use a systemic approach and provide my clients with space for reflection, analysis and help them identify options for their situations.

I like working with people through a practical and to the point approach, combined with personal examples. I aim to create a captivating learning experience with many ahas.

Involvement in international projects has helped me to have a deeper understanding of the Eastern and Western worlds, so that I can see the more subtle differences between different mentalities and nationalities. This experience helps me to better connect with the people I work with and to "speak their language" to them.

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Since 1996 I have been providing tools and methods for activating healthy motivation, increasing productivity, and improving team performance. These tools and methods have been researched and collected over years, personally tested, internationally validated and have decades of research and experience behind them, shared with many thousands or tens of thousands of people around the world.

I wrote over 15 articles about leadership and motivation and the word before the Romanian edition of the book "The new science of motivation", by Prof. Susan Fowler.

My mission is to help those who want to live their personal or professional life with more meaning and more productive, to find that balance between the way they share their energy and time.


I take inspiration from them, having the privilege of knowing them personally and of having worked with them in the over 23 years of work.

From left to right: Susan Fowler, Ken Blanchard, Alain Cardon MCC, Dr. Drea Zigarmi, Dr. John Demartini